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me-martial-arts-bob-punching-bag-punching-dummy-children's-punching-bag-outdoor-1Hi, Hows it going , I’m Henry.

I’m a life long martial artist. I’ve practiced tae kwon do as a child, kung-fu as a teen, and kickboxing and other martial artist as an adult. In that time I’ve practiced on many many punching bags and punching equipment. its the essential tool to hone your punching skill and combinations. You NEED a punching bag, you need to feel the resistance on your fist and improve your hand-eye-coordination with something in front of you to aim at. Pnching air is just not as good. If you are like me, you want to get in as much practice as you can, so practicing on your own is a pure necessity.

After time you realize the quality of your workout is only as good as the punching dummy you have a your disposal. This site has been recommended by many martial arts masters and boxing experts.

“Some of the olds bags at the gym are either hard a a rock from settling with age, or too soft and offer unrealistic resistance. Buy Your own outdoor punching bag “

So I started making a hobby out of reviewing different punching bags and recommending the ones I loved. I talk about the bob punching bag, punching dummy, outdoor punching bag, and even children’s punching bag gear.


Happy Training!

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