Proven Safety Tips for Kick Training a Punching Dummy – Punching Bags for Sale

punching-dummy-bob-punching-bag-outdoor-punching-bag-front-kickHere are some things that I promise you will make your life a whole lot safer and you’ll be able to practice your punching bag skills for many more years. Its important to avoid injury at all cost while kicking a punching dummy bag. Foot Position you want to train for kicks on your punching bag, then a proper ankle and foot position is very crucial….Read more

How to Punch Harder and Faster – Punching Dummy


Punching is not just throwing your fists in to air; it is more than that. To be honest, punching is an art, and you need to learn it properly. Before talking about punching, I would like you to learn some fundamental theories about punches. So let’s see the theories:

Basic Theory #1 …….. Read More