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Uppercut like Ryu from Street Fighter – Punching Bags for Sale

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punching-dummy-bob-punching-bag-outdoor-punching-bag-sale-22Cleto Reyes Uppercut Bag

Just like for each task you need specific instrument and equipment. Similarly to train and perfect the knockout punches like uppercut and hooks, you need a different kind of punching bag. The angle of these punches is different from straight punches. And a simple boxing bag can be a problem for practicing these punches.

To overcome that obstacle in training for uppercut and hook experts at Cleto Reyes designed a special type of bag. Which is hung horizontally to provide trainees with ease of practicing these punches. Because these punches are crucial for scoring points in the ring. And the Uppercut Bag by Cleto Reyes is just the training buddy you want in your garage or gym. It will provide you with the perfect and real-time angle to move your hand freely in the direction of an uppercut punch.

Specifications of Cleto Reyes Uppercut Bag:

The Weight of the Uppercut bag, when filled, is about 55lbs to 66 lbs. And the weight when it is unfilled is near to 13lbs. The Dimensions of the Uppercut bag are 20 x 20 x 12. The bag comes in a dominating black color. In terms of quality, this bag is made of tough and durable Leather which is free from any kind of impurity.

Nylon straps are also provided with the bag to ensure it is hanged perfectly. The material used to fill the bag is the shreds of rag. Because the use of high compression materials like sawdust or sand might result in serious hand injury. Therefore experts at Cleto Reyes made sure to make the bag durable, heavy and light on hands and wrists when hit.

Uses of Cleto Reyes Uppercut Bag:

The bag is perfect to complete a workout by throwing some effective punches like hooks and uppercuts. Ideal for fighters of all backgrounds, especially Boxers, Martial artists and MMA fighters. The bag is specially designed to withstand powerful blows of hooks and uppercuts. The Uppercut bag is made with top standard materials to provide long-term durability and the best punching absorbency. The bag can be used by individuals at their homes or in the gyms.

Benefits of Cleto Reyes Uppercut Bag:

There are many similar products in the market, but most of them proved to be a disappointment for fighters. The Uppercut bag by Cleto Reyes, on the other hand, is packed with most unique qualities which makes it one of its own kind. Some of the benefits that come with this bag are:

  • Special Punch training: We all know the importance of an uppercut in the ring, it can either make you the winner or it can be the reason of your defeat if missed. So to be sure that you will hit on target every time you throw an uppercut, you need the special bag and special training. And Uppercut Bag is just the training partner for you.
  • Highly resistant: When training for special punches that are powerful, it can be tiresome and wastage of time to wait for the bag to return to its original position when hit. But that is not the case in Uppercut bag, due to the load of the bag that is 66lbs, it is really tough to move the bag with punches and that is just what you need.
  • Muscles workout: According to a study when a person punches something, the muscles of the whole upper body are activated. And upon repeated punching, the upper body muscles can have a great muscles workout. And that’s why uppercut punching bag is perfect for this situation as it is specifically designed for punches.
  • Soft on hands: Typically almost all of the punching bags are filled with sand or sawdust. Which can be really rough on your hands and can possibly give you a sprain in the wrist. So to avoid that problem, Cleto Reyes went to extreme lengths and filled the bag with shredded rags. Which is soft and heavy at the same time.
  • Durable: The Uppercut bag is specifically and carefully engineered to withstand mightiest blows with its high-grade pure leather. Unlike similar products, this bag is tried and tested. And on the basis of those tests, it is perfectly safe to say that, if you are looking for a long-lasting and loyal training buddy, then the uppercut bag by Cleto Reyes is a perfect choice.

Why should you buy it?

The Bag is perfect for the punches which cannot be practice on an ordinary punching bag. And that makes it a necessity for you. Besides that, the bag is super easy to hang and unhang with its nylon straps. These light and soft straps set you free from the trouble of handling chains. Another reason to buy this amazing training buddy is because of its filling that is rag shreds. Which makes it soft and easy to hit with power.

Don’t wait out on this must to have sparring partner and get yours now from here:


There are not many left so do your best to get one. This is so amazingly good for uppercut training. It was one of my least practiced moves until  got this bag. Its a completely different muscle set. Strengthen every part as much as you can and you will be successful.


Best Bag for Combinations Review

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punching-dummy-bob-punching-bag-outdoor-punching-bag-bags-for-sale-21Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag

  • When it comes to punching, especially for combinations, one needs to make sure that he/she has the bag which is specifically designed to enable them to punch with different positions and angles. And also to allow them to throw different punches like straight, uppercut, jab, cross, and hooks with some elbows without stopping. Because once a fighter is throwing punches, but then he/she has to stop to either let the bag come to its initial position or to adjust the bag…

    So he/she can throw some other types of punches can break their rhythm and motion. Which can lead to frustration. And it is universally accepted that frustration makes one lose their focus, and focus is necessary for a fighter. So to provide fighters with ease while training for different combinations. Outslayer, which is a known brand for making boxing equipment has come up with an innovative, efficient and result oriented Punching bag.

    Which is designed to specifically provide fighters with a bag, which helps them in training without losing their focus. The Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag is the new advancement in the world of punching bags. With its carefully designed unique body, you won’t have to stop while practicing combinations anymore.

Specifications of the Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag:

The bag is made in the USA and comes with a warranty of 10 years. The bag ships filled with a weight of 100lbs, so there is no need to worry about filling it. The size of the bag is 4ft and made with pure high duty leather. The surface of the bag is secured with 4 D-rings. The Vinyl used in the bag’s material is heavy duty USA made, which is engineered to hold over 300lbs of weight. The “NO TEAR” straps of the bag are professionally designed with four layers to keep the straps from tearing. Regarding shape, the bag is wide from the top then a little narrow from the middle and a little wider from the bottom part.

Uses of the Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag:

There are numbers of combination training punching bags out there, but among those, there are a few bags which are really heavy bags. And among those few heavy bags, there are near to none bags which are durable and long-lasting. And if we talk about a bag which is durable, heavy duty and long lasting with ten years of warranty. for the outdoor punching bag

Then we have only one bag, and that is the Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag by Outslayers. The bag is perfect for fighters who like to try out new combinations and like to develop their own combinations. The bag is ideal to be hanged in your garage or to be used in a professional club or a gym….

You can practice numbers of moves in combination like Uppercuts, elbows, angle shots, cross, jab, and hook. Besides that, the bag is a must to have for people who just want to do punching just to be fit!

Benefits of the Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag:

Besides being a perfect workout buddy and a training partner, the Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag, has many benefits which give it competitive advantage over similar products. Some of those benefits are:

  • USA Made: Once there is a label of USA made on something, then there is no need to check for the durability and performance. But to give you the surety of its quality the company has provided a ten years warranty. What else is there to check out when you have this long to check out the bag.
  • Combinations Training: You can train and increase your speed to deliver a combination of moves perfectly. This bag is specially engineered to provide you with a platform where you can develop and learn different kinds of combinations.
  • Unique Design: The combination of moves requires the fighter to move continuously. Therefore the unique design of the bag is perfect for you to continually move and deliver punches, elbows, and kicks at the same time with speed and from different angles.
  • Excellent Build: The material of the bag is built with pure and Grade A leather. And the four layers of vinyl ensures its ability to absorb harshest of blows without complaining. The no tear straps are attached instead of the chains, so no clanking and annoying sound of chains when you hit the bag
  • High Resistance: Although the material of the bag is soft on your hands to ensure you don’t get a wrist sprain, the bag is resistant to the punches and kicks because it can hold up to 300lbs of weight. Which makes is hold its ground even on some fierce and powerful kicks.

Why should you buy it?

When they already have said that there is the guarantee of 10 years attached to the bag. I don’t think there is anything left to think about why you should buy it. Besides the warranty, the bag is the USA made, and the unique wide top and narrow bottom design of the bag makes it one of its kind. And that has made it necessary for every fighter to add this rock star to their workout equipment.

Get your own unique and long lasting combo sparring buddy from here:


Amazon Description

To give a little background: I’ve been doing boxing and martial arts for 16 years. I’ve used many, many bags and training implements of all brands, shapes, and sizes. I’d never heard of Outslayer, but came upon them by chance while searching through heavy bags on Amazon. This bag looked cool, but with no reviews, I was a little leery. I searched around on the internet, went to Outslayer’s website, and decided to take a chance.

Punching Dummy Testimonial:

Uniquely effective, high quality, sharp-looking training tool

This is literally the best chance I’ve taken, at least in terms of heavy bags. This bag is absolutely excellent. It is attractive and high-quality right out of the packaging and comes with an unheard-of warranty. The filling is not too hard, not too soft, and the shape presents an interesting target that allows for strikes that no other bag on the market can compare to (and I looked and called around for hours). If you’ve seen the new movie “Divergent” and wondered where in the world they got the heavy bags in that movie, look no further. This bag looks just like those in the movie, and this bag is AWESOME. It is heavy, at around 100 pounds, and thus allows knees and uppercuts without moving around too much. It is the only bag I’ve ever had (and I’ve owned Everlast, Title Boxing, Ringside, Fighting Sports, and others) that allows for a full complement of kicks and punches: jabs and crosses, hooks and uppercuts, body/head kicks and knees; pretty much anything you’d throw, you can throw at this bag. Normally you’d have two, or even three bags, and transition between them. Now you work one bag.

The leather is top grade, the stitching and straps are without flaw, and the color is cool as well. I’m in love with this bag and expect it to last for many years and through many good training sessions. I would say that it is the single best and most versatile heavy bag/striking target that I own. A++, folks. Thank you!



Pro Review : Sharpen Your Punching Skills Fast with this Punching Bag

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Two Products being Reviewed n this Page:

-Combo Hitter Punching Bag

-Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Speed Bag / Heavy Bag Wall Mount 200



Combo Hitter Punching Bag

Gone are the days when you needed a partner to do sparring with you. And you need to make them move according to your punches and kicks so you can perform different combos.

That whole process used to waste a lot of time on instructions and constant adjustments, and when the person sparring with you gets tired, you would’ve to stop too.

Those days are in past. Now the new Combo Hitter Punching bag takes care of everything. The bag is specifically designed to help you train and practices kicks and punches.

This perfect sparring and training partner will save you the effort of constantly struggling to direct a real person to stand here or there or to move close or far.

Its basic purpose is to provide you an opportunity to practice different combination moves without needing a live person to do it with you.

The Combo Hitter punching bag is designed by the ultimate fighting championship heavyweight competitor Brad Kohler. So you can trust and depend on your training with this effective and cheap punching bag.

Specifications of Combo Hitter Punching Bag:

The Combo Hitter punching bag comes with Noise Baffling system which reduces the noise made by the hits of punches and kicks. The Combo Hitter Punching bag comes with a stand which is screwed on the wall. A removable metallic board is also provided with the Combo hitter punching bag, which is attached to the frame, fixed on the wall. There are 8 durable and strong bungees attached around the back of the punching bag.

When mounting the bag, those bungees are connected to the holders attached to the metallic board. A narrow road is attached at the center of the back of Combo Hitter Punching bag which has a flexible bolt at the end.

The bolt is fixed into the metallic board which is attached to the stand. The bag attached to the stand can be adjusted to according to the size of the person by moving up and down on the fixed frame. The Combo Hitter is conveniently adjustable in both height and tension.


Uses of Combo Hitter Punching Bag:

The Combo Hitter punching bag is a great way to practice punches, kicks, and elbows. The optimal combinations training can be done with the help of Combo Hitter punching bag. It can be used by any type of person. If you are just concerned with fitness then you can burn fat and activate muscles of your both upper and lower region by throwing some kicks and punches on Combo Hitter punching bag.

If you are a Martial artist and you want to train and increase speed and strength of your punches and kicks, then a Combo Hitter punching bag is your best bet. The former UFC fighter brad Kohler has gone to great lengths to design this system so that it can be a great source of practice for athletes of any background looking to improve their upper body strength, hand-eye coordination, and explosiveness.


Benefits of Combo Hitter Punching Bag:

The Combo Hitter Punching bag is one of its kind and what makes it unique is the number of features and benefit incorporated in it. Unlike other similar products the Combo Hitter punching bag has some features like:

  • Noise reduction: Imagine this, you are practicing in your garage and the noise of punches wakes up the neighbors at night. Or in daytime due to loud thuds of your powerful kicks and punches attracts a lot of unwanted attention to your garage. Which can be a hurdle in your practice. Brad Kohler saw this hidden need and made a product which tackles that problem. The Combo Hitting Punching bag has an internal baffling system. Which reduces and limits the noise produced by hitting. This innovation in the generations of punching bag can help you train with ease and without disturbing people around you.
  • Cardio: The best way to train and burn calories at the same time and standing at the same place is now possible with the help of Combo Hitting system. You can throw kicks, punches, and elbows on the bag which is specifically designed to provide resistance to your blows. Which makes to hit harder and thus activates your upper and lower body muscles to burn fat and give shape to your body.
  • Great on wrists: Unlike other punching bags in the market. Which proves to be painful for the wrists when punched. The Combo Hitter punching bag is specially engineered to react to punches in a way which puts less strain on the wrists of the hitter. Which leads to faster recoveries.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: The bungees attached to the bag move to different directions when hit. And just like a spring, this creates a perception of a moving target. Which can great to practice for professional matches to build a powerful hand Eye Coordination.
  • Convenience: The Combo Hitting Punching bag can be easily mounted and dismounted within a matter of minutes. Besides that, it can also be adjusted according to the size of the person, to provide the real-time experience of training.

Why should you buy it?

The Combo Hitting punching bag can be your best and perfect sparring and training buddy, you can practice with it anytime you want. Besides that, it is the best way to practice fighting moves and combinations.

The Combo Hitting punching bag puts less strain on the wrist and therefore people can practice on it without the gloves. Which saves them from the pain of wearing gloves and then removing them to drink water and then again wearing them. So if you haven’t decided on what to buy for sparring and combo practicing.

The Combo Hitting Punching bag is your best bet, because of the benefits it offers at an economical price.



punching-dummy-bob-punching-bag-outdoor-punching-bag-17Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Speed Bag / Heavy Bag Wall Mount 200

The problem nowadays faced by almost all fighters is that their bag holders which are mounted on wall or ceilings do not possess enough strength to perfectly hold the bags, especially in heavy bags. The problem is that these bags are really heavy already and when a tough fighter throws some fierce punches or kicks, these holders start complaining. Similarly, as you all know that speed bags are really springy and produce too much vibration.

The vibration creates foreign sensations in your body while punching. And that’s why those vibrations interfere with the workout. If you want to be free from all these hassles and want a durable wall mount for your punching heavy bag and speed bag. Then look no further because this 2 in 1 Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount is just the product for you. It has a firm grip on a heavy bag and is designed to be vibration free.

Specifications of the Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount:

The Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount has a stationary platform to be stable. It can hold a speed bag as well as a heavy bag. The rebound board for speed bag has a 1-1/2 Inch Thick High Density. The steel construction of the mount is 100 percent made in the USA. The mounting brackets are made of heavy gauge steel tubing with predrilled mounting holes for 16 inch or 24-inch center-stud spacing.

The diameter of the strike board is 24 Inches diameter. The board has the rubber around its diameter. The whole platform has a weight of 53 pounds approx. and has a finish of powder coating. The custom colors are available upon request.

Uses of the Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount:

The typical wall mounts are either for holding Heavy bags or for holding speed bags which makes it hard for trainees to buy both. Because not all of us can afford both mounts. But this wall mound has been integrated with a speed bag rebound board as well as a hook for mounting a Heavy Punching Bag. So now fighters can hang the bag they want to practice on, on the same wall mount.

This mount is used for both bags which serve the purpose of speed and strength training. So this wall mount is optimal for all types of fighters and especially for those people who cannot afford to buy separate high-quality wall mounts for their Heavy Punching Bag and Speed Bag.

Benefits of the Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount:

The mount comes with a pack of benefits especially when it comes to buying wall mounts, this one is a magic maker, with its high build and special design, it has an advantage over similar products. Some of the key benefits of the Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount are:

  • MADE IN THE USA: What else to say about the durability of the bag when it is made in the USA. The engineers made it sure that this bag provides strong grip for Heavy Punching Bag and firm hold for speed bag in a long run.
  • Easy to change bags: The main benefit is of this wonderful wall mount is that it is user-friendly, which means that there is entirely no need of tools to change the bags, either from Heavy bag to speed bag or from speed bag too heavy bags. It will be done in just a couple of seconds.
  • Vibration free: In-wall mounts made of iron, there is always a problem of vibration especially when practicing with speed punching bags. But the heavy gauge angle iron is specially designed and welded to provide a vibration-free experience when punching.
  • Multi-Purpose: People have to buy separate wall mounts for separate bags, why do that? And why waste money? Just buy just buy the Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount, because this mount serves the function of 2 in 1 for speed bag and Heavy Punching Bag, meaning you can hang both bags on this wall mount respectively.
  • High quality: The steel of the wall mount is tough powder coated which will not complain, even if you hang some of the heaviest bags from it. The steel of mount is specially designed to hold toughest weights and it will not bend. The mount will not be rusted for a very long time, which makes it more durable and long-lasting.

Why should you buy it?

The simple but effective wall mount by Prime Fighter is your best bet when it comes to severe level training. Because the ordinary wall mounts come off with some heaviest blow. So why risk that when we can have the USA made premium quality steel wall mount available with a function of hanging both speed bag and Heavy Punching Bag.

So don’t wait now, and avail this opportunity of getting this spectacular 2 in 1 wall mount from




Official Review: Best Wrecking Ball Heavy Punching Bag Money Can Buy

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wreching-ball-cheap-bob-punching-bag-mma-boxing-punching-dummy-outdoorCleto Reyes Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag

Ever wondered how it would be like if you had a tough bag with a decent amount of weight, circulating here and there for you to punch at the exact needed timing. A bag which will give you a great push upon interaction, to train you to stand your ground. If you have wondered all these things while practicing on the old-fashioned and typical punching dummy, then it’s time to throw out those retired bags. Because it is now the time for a Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag. A bag that fits to all the above-mentioned situations. This Wrecking Ball bag is heavy, it circulates in different directions and gives a great push to the trainee when punched by him/her. To train your muscle movements and strengths according to the circulatory moving style. The Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag is your best bet. It is specifically designed to provide you with a training companion. Which will be constantly in motion to strengthen your Hand-eye Coordination and flexibility. The Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag is designed and manufactured by a prominent martial arts and boxing training equipment producer Cleto Reyes. This goes great in a garage with the bob punching bag. This is also great if used as an outdoor  punching bag.

Specifications of Cleto Reyes Wrecking Ball Heavy Home Punching Dummy/ Bag:

The Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag has a Circular design to promote circulation and build speed while it moves. The dimension of the bag is 24 x 24 x 24 inches. Once the bag is filled completely, it weighs between 70 to 75 pounds. The bag comes in black color which is dominating and perfect for building your mood for a reckless training session. The material of the Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag is made up of Vinyl and pure leather. The bag is easy to mount and dismount because it is hanged on a hook fitted on the roof, so it is a matter of seconds to hang and unhang the outdoor punching bag. The punching dummy/bag is suspended by a chain connected to the hinges fitted on four sides of the bag. You can make the bag higher or lower by increasing or reducing the size of the chain according to your size and preference.

Uses of Cleto Reyes Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag:

The Wrecking Ball Heavy bag is specifically engineered to be used by fighters of all backgrounds to train. Whether you are an MMA fighter, you can practice on this bag to throw some punches and different punching combos. If you are a Boxer you can practice some serious punches like straight punches and hooks or some knockout punches like uppercuts. So irrespective of your fighting background, the Wrecking Ball Heavy bag is a perfect training companion for you to give strength and speed to your punches. And to practice on moving targets with flexibility.


Benefits of Cleto Reyes Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag:

The Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag by Cleto Reyes packs a lot of benefits ranging from economical point of view to the training and easiness. Some of the most prominent benefits of having a Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag are:

  • Circular movement: Due to its dimensions and design, the bag moves in circular directions when hit. And its circular movement of the bag allows the trainee to practice hitting on target from multiple angles.
  • Punch Strength: The Bag provides a great resistance to the punches. And the harder you hit the more it comes back with a power. Which provides a great source of strengthening your punches. As the Bag moves very fast when hit, this makes the trainee punch and move faster, which increases his/her speed of punches too.
  • Activates muscles: By punching the bag, the upper body muscles of the person get activated which gives shape and strength to the muscles and as well as burn fat. The bag also helps in activating and giving shape to the lower body of the person, as it makes the trainee move constantly.
  • Moving target: The bags constantly moves with the support of the hits by the trainee. And that movement helps enormously in training the person to learn to find a perfect timing to hit the moving opponent.
  • Dodging: Once hit, the bag goes backward and then returns with a speed, which is best to train you to learn to dodge your opponent faster. Besides dodging, it also helps in building reflexes.

Why should you buy it?

The Bag is one of its kind and provides you simply the best training experience. This bag has the best build material and quality in the list of effective and cheap punching bags. Due to its rotatory motion, you can easily practice hitting moving target and hitting while moving. The most important reason for you to buy this bag is due to its innovative design and high-grade quality which can withstand the most fierce and powerful blows.

So don’t wait for perfection when it is just in front of you. Get your own Wrecking Ball Heavy bag from here:



punching-dummy-bob-punching-bag-outdoor-punching-bag-13XMark Commercial Heavy Bag Stand with Speed Bag Platform

Are you tired of watching your punching bag stands coming down, and getting broke because they are made of cheap quality and have no hold at all? Then you would have to hang the bag and again or use duct tape to attach the broken parts of the bag. But, what if I tell you this is not a problem anymore. Because the XMark Heavy Bag Stand with Speed Bag Platform will provide you a perfect grip for your heavy bag and will ideally hold your speed bag while you train in hardcore mode. The completely adjustable stand which takes very little space will be a perfect indoor /outdoor punching bag stand on Amazon.

Specification of Commercial Heavy Bag Stand with Speed Bag Platform:

The Stand can hold a heavy bag weight up to 125lbs and has a rock solid 11-gauge 3-inch x 3-inch steel construction. The stand also has a speed bag platform, made of Oakwood and has a ball bearing swivel which can be adjusted according to your preferences. The diameter of the speed platform is 24 inches, and the thickness is 1.5 inches with the dimensions of 81.75” x 87” x 94.25”. The overall weight of the platform is 235 pounds approx.

Uses of Commercial Heavy Bag Stand with Speed Bag Platform:

The heavy bag stand and speed bag platform is necessary for all types of fighters. If you are a boxer then you need to do punch strength training, and with that, you also need to increase the speed of your punches, and this stand holds both of those bags. Similarly, if you are an MMA fighter or a martial arts fighter, you will need this bag, as it carries both bags that are required by every fighter. The Commercial Heavy Bag Stand with Speed Bag Platform is perfect to be used at home as it occupies very little space. And for gym and health clubs, you need this bag, because fighters of all backgrounds come there and they need this bag holder to practice on both bags it holds.

Benefits of Commercial Heavy Bag Stand with Speed Bag Platform:

Most of the time the bag holder stands come down in some fierce blows to the bags attached to them, and that makes them a big problem. But with this Commercial Heavy Bag Stand with Speed Bag Platform you will need just to set it up once, and it will provide a hold which will last years. Some of the key benefits of this stand are:

  • Minimal Vibration: The rock-solid 11-gauge steel mainframe construction firmly supports your heavy bag. And the vibration produced by bunching on speed bag is annoying, but with the extreme grip of this platform, your bag will be delivering near to no vibration.
  • Aesthetics: The team of XMark has gone above and beyond to give pleasing aesthetics to this Commercial Heavy Bag Stand with Speed Bag Platform which will look exotic yet straightforward. The 24 inches drum made of Oak hardwood which is crafted with precision and attention to detail, provides the look of professionalism and magnificence to the platform.
  • Adjustable: The adjustability of the XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform is just perfect as it ensures that you can adjust the speed bag according to your height and preference. Also, the stand provides plenty of room around the bags to move around while punching.
  • Great Hold: The most beneficial part of this stand is its hold and grip. This magic maker can hold up to 125lbs bag without complaining, and unlike other stands which slide around when the bags are being his, this one holds its ground.
  • Durable: The make of this stand is of pure and high-grade steel which is baked on scratch resistant powder coat finish. The stand is also made rust free so that it will provide long lasting durability for years.

Why should you buy it?

The Commercial Heavy Bag Stand with Speed Bag Platform is optimal for people who want to do strength training, and with that, they also want to increase their punch speed, because while fighting, you cannot rely on the strength of your punches and the combination of speed and power is integral. So the speed bag platform is integrated into the heavy bag stand which has a fantastic hold of a massive bag of up to 125lbs. The stand will not budge from its place, no matter how many punches and kicks you throw in its direction. The build quality of the speed bag platform is of high-quality Oakwood, similarly, for the frame of the whole stand, a high quality long lasting steel is used, which is scratch resistant and rust free, to benefit you in the long run.

So don’t waste a single moment and get your stand from here now:



Review: Body Action System X2 : AMAZING Quality Punching Bag for the Serious Martial Artist

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Body Action System X2:

punching-bag-sale-cheap-bags Imagine if you can achieve a perfect body shape while throwing some punches and kicks. Which can also give your punches and kicks speed and strength at the same time. Seems too good to be true right? But now it is possible. With the help of Body Action System X2, you can do cardio, sparring and muscle activation all at the same time and by just standing there.

The Head Pad of Body Action System X2 or BAS X2, allows you to perform punches like hooks and uppercuts while its torso pad allows you to deliver standard punches with combos of elbows and knees. The BAS X2 incorporates T-Bars and Focus Pads to provide you a perfect spot for side to side striking and Kicking.
Specifications of Body Action System X2:

The Body Action System X2 is equipped with a combo of 4 focus pads which incorporates 2 T-bars which are easily adjustable according to your size. The BAS X2 also has a head Pad pitted at the top and a torso pad at the mid. The stand of BAS X2 is fully customizable for all sizes and configurations. From top to bottom the BAS X2 is fully customizable and can easily be folded when you are done. With Body Action System X2, you can also get 2 DVDs of MMA level punching bag workout and street fight training.
Uses of Body Action System X2:

The BAS X2 is a perfect workout and sparring partner for you with a diversity of its uses. Its more precise then a heavy bag or everlast punching dummy bag.  If you are a Martial artist then it is perfect for you to increase your balance while kicking and becoming more flexible while punching. If you are a boxer, then you need to throw punches in all directions and with that, you need to increase speed and strength for your punches on the punching bag.

punching-bags-cheap-best-body-action-systemBUY ONE HERE

So, in order to do that the BAS X2 will be just the training buddy you need, as you can do sparring with it anytime and anywhere you want. Similarly, for MMA training, you need to increase swiftness and power of your punches, kicks, and elbows. And not just speed and strength, you also need to develop and practice different combinations of kicks and punches. And on BAS X2 you can do all of that while standing. For people who just like to be fit and active, he BAS X2 is the best fitness partner for them. As sparring with BAS X2 activates your muscles which burns fat and gives shape to your body.

Benefits of Body Action System X2:
The simple but effective BAS X2 has many benefits hidden in it, which cannot be matched by other similar products and that is what makes it unique and perfect for everyone irrespective of what type of training they want to do. Some key benefits of BAS X2 are:

• Durability: The BAS X2 is specially designed to withstand toughest blows whether they are delivered through fast punches, fierce kicks or knockout level elbows. Its unique and durable stand enough to absorb powerful blows from a professional Boxer and an MMA fighter. The material used to make its pads is tested to take some of the most powerful punches and kicks.

• Adjustable: The BAS X2 can be easily adjustable for people of all sizes. Its pads can be customized according to your punch and kick reach. The stand of BAS X2 can be adjusted to make it go higher or lower depending upon the preference and size of its user.

• Easy to Fold: Unlike most of the similar products which are a challenge to fold and can create a mess once their parts are separated. The BAS X2 is specially designed to tackle that problem and due to the hinges attached to pads and different parts of the BAS X2 structure, it is just a matter of seconds to fold and unfold it.

• Muscle Activation: The process of muscle activation is vital for getting perfect for burning fat and getting a shape for your body. BAS X2 system adds resistant to provide muscle activation. And according to a study done by universities, the BAS X2 causes 30 times more muscle activation than squats, pushups, and crunches.

• Dynamic Nature: While practicing for boxing, martial arts and especially for MMA, one has to hit in different directions with the combinations of kicks, punches, and elbows and to do that one need a sparring partner who has more than one hand, to be honest, an octopus will be perfect, but the problem is that you cannot do sparring under the sea. So to help you provide that platform where you can hip in all directions, the BAS X2 is created. With its 4 focus pads and one top pad and 1 torso pad, you will not miss a single spot while training.

Why should you buy this punching bag?

After learning all about Body Action System it is clear what you want for your daily training and fitness routine. The BAS X2 is perfect for making your cardio 10 times more fun with its focus pads and adjustable stand. Your friend who is also your sparring partner cannot be there for you all the time. So what will you do if you need to do training early in the morning or late at night? You can count on Body Action System X2 all the time to help you when you need to train on this cheap and affordable punching bag.

So do yourself a favor and Buy this bag for yourself from Amazon here. 


The Most Important Training Tool – The Punching Bag

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Every single boxer, mixed martial artist, combat fighter out there will tell you that training on the punching bag is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to a master and work on dangerous techniques.

When you picture a punching bag in your head, you will most likely envision the stereotypical boxer using it to train for his next big fight.

Here’s the thing, owning a punching bag is not exclusive to those who fight professionally. This piece of training equipment has found its way into the homes of normal people like you and me. And for an excellent reason.

So why would the average person want a heavy bag in their home?

Oh, you’d be surprised at how many ways you can benefit from punching and heavy bag a couple of times a week.

So what are the benefits of owning a punching bag/punching dummy?

Polish Up Your Punch:

Needless to say, the more you train with your punching bag, the better your technique will get.

A properly thrown punch is a full body maneuver, in which every muscle in your body plays its part. Striking the bag will help you teach yourself how to use the mechanics of your body to fortify your punch.

Your whole body weight should be put into you punch in order to create maximum impact. Training with a heavy bag gives you a chance to work on this skill.

You also get a chance to find out what you’re capable of and improve upon your current skill level. All in the privacy of your own home.

Plus, over time your fists will be conditioned and harden, turning them into brutal self defense weapons.

Get Fit:

What Are the Benefits of a bob Punching bag or a Heavy Bag Half an hour with your punching bag is bound to work up a sweat and get your blood pumping. Particularly if you keep your feet moving and throw in some kicks.

This is one of the most effective and most enjoyable ways to get that body you’ve always wanted.

Burn fat, tone up those muscles and strengthen your cardiovascular system all at the same time.

The great thing about the punching bag is the fact that it cannot feel pain, allowing you to pummel it as hard as you desire. You can focus on throwing the most devastating punches and kicks you can.

I would be shocked if you are not dripping with sweat after an intense session like that.

Outdoor Punch bag and other training helps build strength, speed, stamina and timing.

Improve Coordination and Reaction Time:

The punching bag also makes for an excellent way of speeding up your reaction times.

Get the bag swinging before you start your training session, you will have to get your timing right in order to strike it.

You could even just use the natural swing resulting from your impact. Perhaps dodging the bag as it comes towards you.

Challenge yourself and set goals and you will see vast improvements in your reaction time. A vital skill in any street situation in which you need to defend yourself.


Unleash Your Anger:

What Are the Benefits of Punching a Heavy Bag or punching dummy. Another excellent benefit of using a punching bag is the positive effects it has on your mental health.

Do you ever find yourself getting overwhelmed by anger? Perhaps you just need a positive outlet for those strong emotions.

One of the best ways to release bottled up anger is by punching something with all your might. Let out all that aggro on your punching bag. You will feel so much better afterwards.

Make it a habit to take out your anger on your heavy bag. In the long run you will find you are a much calmer, happier and fitter person.

A lot of people out there think that training on the heavy bag involves throwing a couple punches over and over again. And while that may be true on the surface, there is so much more that can be done with it.

For example, developing automatic combinations is one thing that you can channel with the heavy bag in your home.Another useful technique it helps to develop is circling your opponent. What I practice is punching and moving around in circles around the bag as I kick. The same goes for my round house training.

I’ll start in one area and choose one leg to kick, and kick with that leg while I circle around the bag until I run out of steam. That’s a very crucial skill you must learn to position yourself correctly when transitioning into a round house.It takes repetitive practice and concentration to master this. The benefits are endless, which is why I am going to be updating this blog frequently with training methods, info on the punching bag, martial arts news, boxing news, etc.

Let off steam – don’t flee or freeze,  fight:

In our modern society were under constant stress. Our brains are busier than ever before. We’re bombarded with news, ads, gossip, facts, factoids, gibberish and more info. Our era of email, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram requires us to constantly multitask.

Not only do we suck at it, recent studies show that “the cognitive losses from multitasking are even greater than the cognitive losses from pot‑smoking”.

Frenzied days of traffic jams, deadlines, and other frustrations trigger our fight or flight response. This chronic stress we collectively suffer from causes a flood of internal processes influencing your neurotransmitters, hormones, polluting our body with toxic byproducts of stress.

Hitting a punching bag is an excellent way of de-stressing because it satisfies the fight or flight urge.

What’s more, it cleanses the toxins out of your system before it undermines your immune system and health.

So when it’s that sort of day, you woke up in a bad mood, you went out in a bad mood, you came home in a bad mood, nothing has gone right, at all, don’t bother snapping at your significant other, it will just make everything worse – take it out on the heavy bag instead.

Stop running, fight!

It’s Pure Fun:

What’s not to love about a good ol’ session with your trusty punching bag?

There are so many possibilities. Yes, this training method is used for serious training by professionals, but it also makes for a fun and highly effective workout for the rest of us.

This is a brilliant workout suitable for all age groups. The very young to the very old.


No matter who you are, there are multiple benefits to be gained from owning and using a punching bag.

Everything from your your physical and mental health to your ability to defend yourself will improve.



Official Bob Punching Bag Review – Essential for Martial Artists

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Let’s talk about a the most special punching bag ever created, the Bob Body Punching Bag. If you are unsure about what I’m peak of, the picture below should give you an idea  of exactly to what it is.

bob punching bag
When I was in kickboxing this is something I’ve used all the time and they are phenomenal. The amount of techniques you can work on this training tool outdoes any other punching bag on the fight market.

The reason why this bag is a very valuable tool should be very obvious.

The actual bag is shaped like a human, this can make it easier to imagine a real life scenario when working on it. You get a feel for how the human body will react, and you also learn to target specific areas of the body to hit. For example, the neck, eyes,the solar plexus, the kidneys, the chin, the temple, the ear, the underarms, and even nose.

This bag is essential for anyone that is looking to improve their self defense. Its especially effective for anyone who does martial arts like mma, kung fu, wing chun, kickboxing and much more. You can practice your hand sets full force on a target that is accurate to real life.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

One thing I really love about this bag is that it can help students get comfortable seeing a massive target in front of them. This is great for students who are a little timid at first. By working out on this bag, it gets your brain used to seeing an opponent of large stature. Not exactly the real thing, but definitely helps a lot!

Let’s look at the pros and the cons of this bag.

The Pros

  1. Realistic punching reflex – reacts like a human body when struck. Also helps you learn how to properly hold your first when striking strangle angles like a human face or collar bone.
  2. Very very durable – made of high strength plastisol lasts for a very long time so you don’t have to keep buying new ones over and over again.
  3. Perfect for honing in on targets – you can practice striking certain points of the human body which is very valuable training.

The Cons

    1. Fairly expensive – it’s an expensive bag but definitely worth it considering the input you get from it


  • Not heavy enough for big punchers – the weight of this bag is fine for beginners, but those with heavy hands will notice this thing moves around a lot. That can be a good thing though as it makes it just a little bit more realistic.TESTIMONIALS“The Century Bob XL is awesome training device. It presents a more realistic profile for kicking, punching and low strikes. Hang ups on shoulders with an axe kick, targeting the temple, elbow strikes . . . all more realistic and different than a traditional heavy bag.” -bbc, Amazon

    “Best heavy bag I ever owned. I love the feel, and the fact you need to play the angles. Makes for a much better workout, and very therapeutic. I had a grumpy friend who I don’t think I ever see smile come over and backhanded it. He smiled like a little child and went off on it.
    I love Bob. He’s my new best friend.” -Thunar, Amazon




    punching-dummy-bob-punching-bag-outdoor-punching-bag-8A fighter knows how important punching bag is for their practice and training, in fact, a punching bag has a huge role in making their career. But, if they get to see bags getting torn in just a few kicks and punches then it really makes them angry and sad at the same time. Because Punching bags are not cheap to buy and not easy to fill. But, what if you have a bag which is made of high grade and most durable material, withstanding your powerful blows and never moving an inch? Seems like a dream right? But now thanks to 100lbs Heavy Bag which can be filled up to 300 lbs. your all problems regarding durability will go away. The 100lbs Heavy Bag is designed and manufactured by the giant in boxing equipment making, the “Outslayers”. Which delivers quality and durability. According to Mighty which is the number one platform for fighters to know about products. The 100lbs Heavy Bag by Outslayers is number one among top 10 best heavy punching bags. Buy one on Amazon here.

    Specifications of 100lbs Heavy Bag:

    The 100lbs Heavy bag has a height of 55 inches and the diameter of this bag is approx. 14 inches. With the bag, straps are also included with a length of approx. half foot or 10 inches, the straps are sewn into the bag so there is no need to handle those heavy chains. The bag ships in a heavy duty reusable Vinyl Cover, that You Can Use for moving or storing your Punching Bag which will keep it safe and brand new. Some similar bags from different brands like Ringside or Everlast can be filled up to 100lbs or 150lbs at max. But the Heavy bag by Outslayers can be filled up to 300lbs approx. You can also order a custom color for your bag for free by contacting the Outslayers team while buying the bag from Amazon. Similarly, you can also order a D ring for the bottom of the bag for free. A warranty of 10 years also comes with the bag which can be claimed if your bag undergoes any Damage with the only exclusion of damage caused by weather and sharp objects.

    Uses of 100lbs Heavy Bag:

    This 100lb Punching Bag is a highly recommended for fighters from all backgrounds. And the bag is a must to have for fighters from Martial Arts, Boxing, Fitness, and MMA. The bag is environment-friendly and can be used at home for personal training, as well as can be used in gyms for professional training. The bag is useful people who want to burn some fat while training and also it is an essential product for people who like to throw some kicks and punches just for the sake of having a perfect shape for their body.



    Benefits of 100lbs Heavy Bag:

    The bag is packed with a bundle of surprises and benefits for people who like some real-time training. This Heavy Bag can be a great sparring buddy for you in the following ways:

    Strength building: The bag provides great resistance to the trainee. The resistance allows the trainee to kick and punch harder and activates their muscles. Which helps in building strengths of punches and kicks.

    Durability: While designing the bag, Outslayers paid really close attention to make the bag as durable as possible to withstand toughest blows. The bag will not be penetrated, no matter how much you hit it, and that’s what makes it a perfect training partner for you.

    Holds its ground: When punching or kicking a bag. One can get annoyed as most of the bags move too much which makes it harder to punch and wastes time in waiting for the bag to come back. But the Heavy Bag can be filled up to 300lbs which makes it way harder to move even on some of the toughest blows.

    Safe for Health: Most of the punching bags are filled with toxic materials. Which can harm you in the long run. But the Heavy Bag by Outslayers is 100 percent safe, as it is declared by the state of California.

    Heavy resistance: Due to the weight of the bag. It provides great resistance to your punches and kicks. Which makes it more competitive to you than a sparring partner, who is pushed backward on a single kick.

    Why should you buy it?

    By reading all about this mighty bag, I don’t think you should be wondering whether should buy this bag or not. Because its specs and benefits would’ve made it clear that you want this bag. The most amazing thing about this bag is that it can be filled up to 300lbs. And the deal maker is its 10 years warranty. Which will protect your heavy bag against any damage with the only exclusion of damage caused by weather and sharp objects?

    So don’t wait for any further and get this number one ranking bag among top 10 heavy bags before it gets out of stock.

    Get one of the most affordable punching bags for sale here on Amazon