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Best Bag for Combinations Review

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punching-dummy-bob-punching-bag-outdoor-punching-bag-bags-for-sale-21Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag

  • When it comes to punching, especially for combinations, one needs to make sure that he/she has the bag which is specifically designed to enable them to punch with different positions and angles. And also to allow them to throw different punches like straight, uppercut, jab, cross, and hooks with some elbows without stopping. Because once a fighter is throwing punches, but then he/she has to stop to either let the bag come to its initial position or to adjust the bag…

    So he/she can throw some other types of punches can break their rhythm and motion. Which can lead to frustration. And it is universally accepted that frustration makes one lose their focus, and focus is necessary for a fighter. So to provide fighters with ease while training for different combinations. Outslayer, which is a known brand for making boxing equipment has come up with an innovative, efficient and result oriented Punching bag.

    Which is designed to specifically provide fighters with a bag, which helps them in training without losing their focus. The Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag is the new advancement in the world of punching bags. With its carefully designed unique body, you won’t have to stop while practicing combinations anymore.

Specifications of the Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag:

The bag is made in the USA and comes with a warranty of 10 years. The bag ships filled with a weight of 100lbs, so there is no need to worry about filling it. The size of the bag is 4ft and made with pure high duty leather. The surface of the bag is secured with 4 D-rings. The Vinyl used in the bag’s material is heavy duty USA made, which is engineered to hold over 300lbs of weight. The “NO TEAR” straps of the bag are professionally designed with four layers to keep the straps from tearing. Regarding shape, the bag is wide from the top then a little narrow from the middle and a little wider from the bottom part.

Uses of the Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag:

There are numbers of combination training punching bags out there, but among those, there are a few bags which are really heavy bags. And among those few heavy bags, there are near to none bags which are durable and long-lasting. And if we talk about a bag which is durable, heavy duty and long lasting with ten years of warranty. for the outdoor punching bag

Then we have only one bag, and that is the Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag by Outslayers. The bag is perfect for fighters who like to try out new combinations and like to develop their own combinations. The bag is ideal to be hanged in your garage or to be used in a professional club or a gym….

You can practice numbers of moves in combination like Uppercuts, elbows, angle shots, cross, jab, and hook. Besides that, the bag is a must to have for people who just want to do punching just to be fit!

Benefits of the Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag:

Besides being a perfect workout buddy and a training partner, the Ultimate Combination Heavy Bag, has many benefits which give it competitive advantage over similar products. Some of those benefits are:

  • USA Made: Once there is a label of USA made on something, then there is no need to check for the durability and performance. But to give you the surety of its quality the company has provided a ten years warranty. What else is there to check out when you have this long to check out the bag.
  • Combinations Training: You can train and increase your speed to deliver a combination of moves perfectly. This bag is specially engineered to provide you with a platform where you can develop and learn different kinds of combinations.
  • Unique Design: The combination of moves requires the fighter to move continuously. Therefore the unique design of the bag is perfect for you to continually move and deliver punches, elbows, and kicks at the same time with speed and from different angles.
  • Excellent Build: The material of the bag is built with pure and Grade A leather. And the four layers of vinyl ensures its ability to absorb harshest of blows without complaining. The no tear straps are attached instead of the chains, so no clanking and annoying sound of chains when you hit the bag
  • High Resistance: Although the material of the bag is soft on your hands to ensure you don’t get a wrist sprain, the bag is resistant to the punches and kicks because it can hold up to 300lbs of weight. Which makes is hold its ground even on some fierce and powerful kicks.

Why should you buy it?

When they already have said that there is the guarantee of 10 years attached to the bag. I don’t think there is anything left to think about why you should buy it. Besides the warranty, the bag is the USA made, and the unique wide top and narrow bottom design of the bag makes it one of its kind. And that has made it necessary for every fighter to add this rock star to their workout equipment.

Get your own unique and long lasting combo sparring buddy from here:


Amazon Description

To give a little background: I’ve been doing boxing and martial arts for 16 years. I’ve used many, many bags and training implements of all brands, shapes, and sizes. I’d never heard of Outslayer, but came upon them by chance while searching through heavy bags on Amazon. This bag looked cool, but with no reviews, I was a little leery. I searched around on the internet, went to Outslayer’s website, and decided to take a chance.

Punching Dummy Testimonial:

Uniquely effective, high quality, sharp-looking training tool

This is literally the best chance I’ve taken, at least in terms of heavy bags. This bag is absolutely excellent. It is attractive and high-quality right out of the packaging and comes with an unheard-of warranty. The filling is not too hard, not too soft, and the shape presents an interesting target that allows for strikes that no other bag on the market can compare to (and I looked and called around for hours). If you’ve seen the new movie “Divergent” and wondered where in the world they got the heavy bags in that movie, look no further. This bag looks just like those in the movie, and this bag is AWESOME. It is heavy, at around 100 pounds, and thus allows knees and uppercuts without moving around too much. It is the only bag I’ve ever had (and I’ve owned Everlast, Title Boxing, Ringside, Fighting Sports, and others) that allows for a full complement of kicks and punches: jabs and crosses, hooks and uppercuts, body/head kicks and knees; pretty much anything you’d throw, you can throw at this bag. Normally you’d have two, or even three bags, and transition between them. Now you work one bag.

The leather is top grade, the stitching and straps are without flaw, and the color is cool as well. I’m in love with this bag and expect it to last for many years and through many good training sessions. I would say that it is the single best and most versatile heavy bag/striking target that I own. A++, folks. Thank you!