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Let’s talk about a the most special punching bag ever created, the Bob Body Punching Bag. If you are unsure about what I’m peak of, the picture below should give you an idea  of exactly to what it is.

bob punching bag
When I was in kickboxing this is something I’ve used all the time and they are phenomenal. The amount of techniques you can work on this training tool outdoes any other punching bag on the fight market.

The reason why this bag is a very valuable tool should be very obvious.

The actual bag is shaped like a human, this can make it easier to imagine a real life scenario when working on it. You get a feel for how the human body will react, and you also learn to target specific areas of the body to hit. For example, the neck, eyes,the solar plexus, the kidneys, the chin, the temple, the ear, the underarms, and even nose.

This bag is essential for anyone that is looking to improve their self defense. Its especially effective for anyone who does martial arts like mma, kung fu, wing chun, kickboxing and much more. You can practice your hand sets full force on a target that is accurate to real life.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

One thing I really love about this bag is that it can help students get comfortable seeing a massive target in front of them. This is great for students who are a little timid at first. By working out on this bag, it gets your brain used to seeing an opponent of large stature. Not exactly the real thing, but definitely helps a lot!

Let’s look at the pros and the cons of this bag.

The Pros

  1. Realistic punching reflex – reacts like a human body when struck. Also helps you learn how to properly hold your first when striking strangle angles like a human face or collar bone.
  2. Very very durable – made of high strength plastisol lasts for a very long time so you don’t have to keep buying new ones over and over again.
  3. Perfect for honing in on targets – you can practice striking certain points of the human body which is very valuable training.

The Cons

    1. Fairly expensive – it’s an expensive bag but definitely worth it considering the input you get from it


  • Not heavy enough for big punchers – the weight of this bag is fine for beginners, but those with heavy hands will notice this thing moves around a lot. That can be a good thing though as it makes it just a little bit more realistic.TESTIMONIALS“The Century Bob XL is awesome training device. It presents a more realistic profile for kicking, punching and low strikes. Hang ups on shoulders with an axe kick, targeting the temple, elbow strikes . . . all more realistic and different than a traditional heavy bag.” -bbc, Amazon

    “Best heavy bag I ever owned. I love the feel, and the fact you need to play the angles. Makes for a much better workout, and very therapeutic. I had a grumpy friend who I don’t think I ever see smile come over and backhanded it. He smiled like a little child and went off on it.
    I love Bob. He’s my new best friend.” -Thunar, Amazon




    punching-dummy-bob-punching-bag-outdoor-punching-bag-8A fighter knows how important punching bag is for their practice and training, in fact, a punching bag has a huge role in making their career. But, if they get to see bags getting torn in just a few kicks and punches then it really makes them angry and sad at the same time. Because Punching bags are not cheap to buy and not easy to fill. But, what if you have a bag which is made of high grade and most durable material, withstanding your powerful blows and never moving an inch? Seems like a dream right? But now thanks to 100lbs Heavy Bag which can be filled up to 300 lbs. your all problems regarding durability will go away. The 100lbs Heavy Bag is designed and manufactured by the giant in boxing equipment making, the “Outslayers”. Which delivers quality and durability. According to Mighty which is the number one platform for fighters to know about products. The 100lbs Heavy Bag by Outslayers is number one among top 10 best heavy punching bags. Buy one on Amazon here.

    Specifications of 100lbs Heavy Bag:

    The 100lbs Heavy bag has a height of 55 inches and the diameter of this bag is approx. 14 inches. With the bag, straps are also included with a length of approx. half foot or 10 inches, the straps are sewn into the bag so there is no need to handle those heavy chains. The bag ships in a heavy duty reusable Vinyl Cover, that You Can Use for moving or storing your Punching Bag which will keep it safe and brand new. Some similar bags from different brands like Ringside or Everlast can be filled up to 100lbs or 150lbs at max. But the Heavy bag by Outslayers can be filled up to 300lbs approx. You can also order a custom color for your bag for free by contacting the Outslayers team while buying the bag from Amazon. Similarly, you can also order a D ring for the bottom of the bag for free. A warranty of 10 years also comes with the bag which can be claimed if your bag undergoes any Damage with the only exclusion of damage caused by weather and sharp objects.

    Uses of 100lbs Heavy Bag:

    This 100lb Punching Bag is a highly recommended for fighters from all backgrounds. And the bag is a must to have for fighters from Martial Arts, Boxing, Fitness, and MMA. The bag is environment-friendly and can be used at home for personal training, as well as can be used in gyms for professional training. The bag is useful people who want to burn some fat while training and also it is an essential product for people who like to throw some kicks and punches just for the sake of having a perfect shape for their body.



    Benefits of 100lbs Heavy Bag:

    The bag is packed with a bundle of surprises and benefits for people who like some real-time training. This Heavy Bag can be a great sparring buddy for you in the following ways:

    Strength building: The bag provides great resistance to the trainee. The resistance allows the trainee to kick and punch harder and activates their muscles. Which helps in building strengths of punches and kicks.

    Durability: While designing the bag, Outslayers paid really close attention to make the bag as durable as possible to withstand toughest blows. The bag will not be penetrated, no matter how much you hit it, and that’s what makes it a perfect training partner for you.

    Holds its ground: When punching or kicking a bag. One can get annoyed as most of the bags move too much which makes it harder to punch and wastes time in waiting for the bag to come back. But the Heavy Bag can be filled up to 300lbs which makes it way harder to move even on some of the toughest blows.

    Safe for Health: Most of the punching bags are filled with toxic materials. Which can harm you in the long run. But the Heavy Bag by Outslayers is 100 percent safe, as it is declared by the state of California.

    Heavy resistance: Due to the weight of the bag. It provides great resistance to your punches and kicks. Which makes it more competitive to you than a sparring partner, who is pushed backward on a single kick.

    Why should you buy it?

    By reading all about this mighty bag, I don’t think you should be wondering whether should buy this bag or not. Because its specs and benefits would’ve made it clear that you want this bag. The most amazing thing about this bag is that it can be filled up to 300lbs. And the deal maker is its 10 years warranty. Which will protect your heavy bag against any damage with the only exclusion of damage caused by weather and sharp objects?

    So don’t wait for any further and get this number one ranking bag among top 10 heavy bags before it gets out of stock.

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