Pro Review : Sharpen Your Punching Skills Fast with this Punching Bag

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Two Products being Reviewed n this Page:

-Combo Hitter Punching Bag

-Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Speed Bag / Heavy Bag Wall Mount 200



Combo Hitter Punching Bag

Gone are the days when you needed a partner to do sparring with you. And you need to make them move according to your punches and kicks so you can perform different combos.

That whole process used to waste a lot of time on instructions and constant adjustments, and when the person sparring with you gets tired, you would’ve to stop too.

Those days are in past. Now the new Combo Hitter Punching bag takes care of everything. The bag is specifically designed to help you train and practices kicks and punches.

This perfect sparring and training partner will save you the effort of constantly struggling to direct a real person to stand here or there or to move close or far.

Its basic purpose is to provide you an opportunity to practice different combination moves without needing a live person to do it with you.

The Combo Hitter punching bag is designed by the ultimate fighting championship heavyweight competitor Brad Kohler. So you can trust and depend on your training with this effective and cheap punching bag.

Specifications of Combo Hitter Punching Bag:

The Combo Hitter punching bag comes with Noise Baffling system which reduces the noise made by the hits of punches and kicks. The Combo Hitter Punching bag comes with a stand which is screwed on the wall. A removable metallic board is also provided with the Combo hitter punching bag, which is attached to the frame, fixed on the wall. There are 8 durable and strong bungees attached around the back of the punching bag.

When mounting the bag, those bungees are connected to the holders attached to the metallic board. A narrow road is attached at the center of the back of Combo Hitter Punching bag which has a flexible bolt at the end.

The bolt is fixed into the metallic board which is attached to the stand. The bag attached to the stand can be adjusted to according to the size of the person by moving up and down on the fixed frame. The Combo Hitter is conveniently adjustable in both height and tension.


Uses of Combo Hitter Punching Bag:

The Combo Hitter punching bag is a great way to practice punches, kicks, and elbows. The optimal combinations training can be done with the help of Combo Hitter punching bag. It can be used by any type of person. If you are just concerned with fitness then you can burn fat and activate muscles of your both upper and lower region by throwing some kicks and punches on Combo Hitter punching bag.

If you are a Martial artist and you want to train and increase speed and strength of your punches and kicks, then a Combo Hitter punching bag is your best bet. The former UFC fighter brad Kohler has gone to great lengths to design this system so that it can be a great source of practice for athletes of any background looking to improve their upper body strength, hand-eye coordination, and explosiveness.


Benefits of Combo Hitter Punching Bag:

The Combo Hitter Punching bag is one of its kind and what makes it unique is the number of features and benefit incorporated in it. Unlike other similar products the Combo Hitter punching bag has some features like:

  • Noise reduction: Imagine this, you are practicing in your garage and the noise of punches wakes up the neighbors at night. Or in daytime due to loud thuds of your powerful kicks and punches attracts a lot of unwanted attention to your garage. Which can be a hurdle in your practice. Brad Kohler saw this hidden need and made a product which tackles that problem. The Combo Hitting Punching bag has an internal baffling system. Which reduces and limits the noise produced by hitting. This innovation in the generations of punching bag can help you train with ease and without disturbing people around you.
  • Cardio: The best way to train and burn calories at the same time and standing at the same place is now possible with the help of Combo Hitting system. You can throw kicks, punches, and elbows on the bag which is specifically designed to provide resistance to your blows. Which makes to hit harder and thus activates your upper and lower body muscles to burn fat and give shape to your body.
  • Great on wrists: Unlike other punching bags in the market. Which proves to be painful for the wrists when punched. The Combo Hitter punching bag is specially engineered to react to punches in a way which puts less strain on the wrists of the hitter. Which leads to faster recoveries.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: The bungees attached to the bag move to different directions when hit. And just like a spring, this creates a perception of a moving target. Which can great to practice for professional matches to build a powerful hand Eye Coordination.
  • Convenience: The Combo Hitting Punching bag can be easily mounted and dismounted within a matter of minutes. Besides that, it can also be adjusted according to the size of the person, to provide the real-time experience of training.

Why should you buy it?

The Combo Hitting punching bag can be your best and perfect sparring and training buddy, you can practice with it anytime you want. Besides that, it is the best way to practice fighting moves and combinations.

The Combo Hitting punching bag puts less strain on the wrist and therefore people can practice on it without the gloves. Which saves them from the pain of wearing gloves and then removing them to drink water and then again wearing them. So if you haven’t decided on what to buy for sparring and combo practicing.

The Combo Hitting Punching bag is your best bet, because of the benefits it offers at an economical price.



punching-dummy-bob-punching-bag-outdoor-punching-bag-17Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Speed Bag / Heavy Bag Wall Mount 200

The problem nowadays faced by almost all fighters is that their bag holders which are mounted on wall or ceilings do not possess enough strength to perfectly hold the bags, especially in heavy bags. The problem is that these bags are really heavy already and when a tough fighter throws some fierce punches or kicks, these holders start complaining. Similarly, as you all know that speed bags are really springy and produce too much vibration.

The vibration creates foreign sensations in your body while punching. And that’s why those vibrations interfere with the workout. If you want to be free from all these hassles and want a durable wall mount for your punching heavy bag and speed bag. Then look no further because this 2 in 1 Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount is just the product for you. It has a firm grip on a heavy bag and is designed to be vibration free.

Specifications of the Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount:

The Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount has a stationary platform to be stable. It can hold a speed bag as well as a heavy bag. The rebound board for speed bag has a 1-1/2 Inch Thick High Density. The steel construction of the mount is 100 percent made in the USA. The mounting brackets are made of heavy gauge steel tubing with predrilled mounting holes for 16 inch or 24-inch center-stud spacing.

The diameter of the strike board is 24 Inches diameter. The board has the rubber around its diameter. The whole platform has a weight of 53 pounds approx. and has a finish of powder coating. The custom colors are available upon request.

Uses of the Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount:

The typical wall mounts are either for holding Heavy bags or for holding speed bags which makes it hard for trainees to buy both. Because not all of us can afford both mounts. But this wall mound has been integrated with a speed bag rebound board as well as a hook for mounting a Heavy Punching Bag. So now fighters can hang the bag they want to practice on, on the same wall mount.

This mount is used for both bags which serve the purpose of speed and strength training. So this wall mount is optimal for all types of fighters and especially for those people who cannot afford to buy separate high-quality wall mounts for their Heavy Punching Bag and Speed Bag.

Benefits of the Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount:

The mount comes with a pack of benefits especially when it comes to buying wall mounts, this one is a magic maker, with its high build and special design, it has an advantage over similar products. Some of the key benefits of the Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount are:

  • MADE IN THE USA: What else to say about the durability of the bag when it is made in the USA. The engineers made it sure that this bag provides strong grip for Heavy Punching Bag and firm hold for speed bag in a long run.
  • Easy to change bags: The main benefit is of this wonderful wall mount is that it is user-friendly, which means that there is entirely no need of tools to change the bags, either from Heavy bag to speed bag or from speed bag too heavy bags. It will be done in just a couple of seconds.
  • Vibration free: In-wall mounts made of iron, there is always a problem of vibration especially when practicing with speed punching bags. But the heavy gauge angle iron is specially designed and welded to provide a vibration-free experience when punching.
  • Multi-Purpose: People have to buy separate wall mounts for separate bags, why do that? And why waste money? Just buy just buy the Prime Fighter Heavy Duty Mount, because this mount serves the function of 2 in 1 for speed bag and Heavy Punching Bag, meaning you can hang both bags on this wall mount respectively.
  • High quality: The steel of the wall mount is tough powder coated which will not complain, even if you hang some of the heaviest bags from it. The steel of mount is specially designed to hold toughest weights and it will not bend. The mount will not be rusted for a very long time, which makes it more durable and long-lasting.

Why should you buy it?

The simple but effective wall mount by Prime Fighter is your best bet when it comes to severe level training. Because the ordinary wall mounts come off with some heaviest blow. So why risk that when we can have the USA made premium quality steel wall mount available with a function of hanging both speed bag and Heavy Punching Bag.

So don’t wait now, and avail this opportunity of getting this spectacular 2 in 1 wall mount from


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