Review: Body Action System X2 : AMAZING Quality Punching Bag for the Serious Martial Artist

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Body Action System X2:

punching-bag-sale-cheap-bags Imagine if you can achieve a perfect body shape while throwing some punches and kicks. Which can also give your punches and kicks speed and strength at the same time. Seems too good to be true right? But now it is possible. With the help of Body Action System X2, you can do cardio, sparring and muscle activation all at the same time and by just standing there.

The Head Pad of Body Action System X2 or BAS X2, allows you to perform punches like hooks and uppercuts while its torso pad allows you to deliver standard punches with combos of elbows and knees. The BAS X2 incorporates T-Bars and Focus Pads to provide you a perfect spot for side to side striking and Kicking.
Specifications of Body Action System X2:

The Body Action System X2 is equipped with a combo of 4 focus pads which incorporates 2 T-bars which are easily adjustable according to your size. The BAS X2 also has a head Pad pitted at the top and a torso pad at the mid. The stand of BAS X2 is fully customizable for all sizes and configurations. From top to bottom the BAS X2 is fully customizable and can easily be folded when you are done. With Body Action System X2, you can also get 2 DVDs of MMA level punching bag workout and street fight training.
Uses of Body Action System X2:

The BAS X2 is a perfect workout and sparring partner for you with a diversity of its uses. Its more precise then a heavy bag or everlast punching dummy bag.  If you are a Martial artist then it is perfect for you to increase your balance while kicking and becoming more flexible while punching. If you are a boxer, then you need to throw punches in all directions and with that, you need to increase speed and strength for your punches on the punching bag.

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So, in order to do that the BAS X2 will be just the training buddy you need, as you can do sparring with it anytime and anywhere you want. Similarly, for MMA training, you need to increase swiftness and power of your punches, kicks, and elbows. And not just speed and strength, you also need to develop and practice different combinations of kicks and punches. And on BAS X2 you can do all of that while standing. For people who just like to be fit and active, he BAS X2 is the best fitness partner for them. As sparring with BAS X2 activates your muscles which burns fat and gives shape to your body.

Benefits of Body Action System X2:
The simple but effective BAS X2 has many benefits hidden in it, which cannot be matched by other similar products and that is what makes it unique and perfect for everyone irrespective of what type of training they want to do. Some key benefits of BAS X2 are:

• Durability: The BAS X2 is specially designed to withstand toughest blows whether they are delivered through fast punches, fierce kicks or knockout level elbows. Its unique and durable stand enough to absorb powerful blows from a professional Boxer and an MMA fighter. The material used to make its pads is tested to take some of the most powerful punches and kicks.

• Adjustable: The BAS X2 can be easily adjustable for people of all sizes. Its pads can be customized according to your punch and kick reach. The stand of BAS X2 can be adjusted to make it go higher or lower depending upon the preference and size of its user.

• Easy to Fold: Unlike most of the similar products which are a challenge to fold and can create a mess once their parts are separated. The BAS X2 is specially designed to tackle that problem and due to the hinges attached to pads and different parts of the BAS X2 structure, it is just a matter of seconds to fold and unfold it.

• Muscle Activation: The process of muscle activation is vital for getting perfect for burning fat and getting a shape for your body. BAS X2 system adds resistant to provide muscle activation. And according to a study done by universities, the BAS X2 causes 30 times more muscle activation than squats, pushups, and crunches.

• Dynamic Nature: While practicing for boxing, martial arts and especially for MMA, one has to hit in different directions with the combinations of kicks, punches, and elbows and to do that one need a sparring partner who has more than one hand, to be honest, an octopus will be perfect, but the problem is that you cannot do sparring under the sea. So to help you provide that platform where you can hip in all directions, the BAS X2 is created. With its 4 focus pads and one top pad and 1 torso pad, you will not miss a single spot while training.

Why should you buy this punching bag?

After learning all about Body Action System it is clear what you want for your daily training and fitness routine. The BAS X2 is perfect for making your cardio 10 times more fun with its focus pads and adjustable stand. Your friend who is also your sparring partner cannot be there for you all the time. So what will you do if you need to do training early in the morning or late at night? You can count on Body Action System X2 all the time to help you when you need to train on this cheap and affordable punching bag.

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