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punching-dummy-bob-punching-bag-outdoor-punching-bag-sale-22Cleto Reyes Uppercut Bag

Just like for each task you need specific instrument and equipment. Similarly to train and perfect the knockout punches like uppercut and hooks, you need a different kind of punching bag. The angle of these punches is different from straight punches. And a simple boxing bag can be a problem for practicing these punches.

To overcome that obstacle in training for uppercut and hook experts at Cleto Reyes designed a special type of bag. Which is hung horizontally to provide trainees with ease of practicing these punches. Because these punches are crucial for scoring points in the ring. And the Uppercut Bag by Cleto Reyes is just the training buddy you want in your garage or gym. It will provide you with the perfect and real-time angle to move your hand freely in the direction of an uppercut punch.

Specifications of Cleto Reyes Uppercut Bag:

The Weight of the Uppercut bag, when filled, is about 55lbs to 66 lbs. And the weight when it is unfilled is near to 13lbs. The Dimensions of the Uppercut bag are 20 x 20 x 12. The bag comes in a dominating black color. In terms of quality, this bag is made of tough and durable Leather which is free from any kind of impurity.

Nylon straps are also provided with the bag to ensure it is hanged perfectly. The material used to fill the bag is the shreds of rag. Because the use of high compression materials like sawdust or sand might result in serious hand injury. Therefore experts at Cleto Reyes made sure to make the bag durable, heavy and light on hands and wrists when hit.

Uses of Cleto Reyes Uppercut Bag:

The bag is perfect to complete a workout by throwing some effective punches like hooks and uppercuts. Ideal for fighters of all backgrounds, especially Boxers, Martial artists and MMA fighters. The bag is specially designed to withstand powerful blows of hooks and uppercuts. The Uppercut bag is made with top standard materials to provide long-term durability and the best punching absorbency. The bag can be used by individuals at their homes or in the gyms.

Benefits of Cleto Reyes Uppercut Bag:

There are many similar products in the market, but most of them proved to be a disappointment for fighters. The Uppercut bag by Cleto Reyes, on the other hand, is packed with most unique qualities which makes it one of its own kind. Some of the benefits that come with this bag are:

  • Special Punch training: We all know the importance of an uppercut in the ring, it can either make you the winner or it can be the reason of your defeat if missed. So to be sure that you will hit on target every time you throw an uppercut, you need the special bag and special training. And Uppercut Bag is just the training partner for you.
  • Highly resistant: When training for special punches that are powerful, it can be tiresome and wastage of time to wait for the bag to return to its original position when hit. But that is not the case in Uppercut bag, due to the load of the bag that is 66lbs, it is really tough to move the bag with punches and that is just what you need.
  • Muscles workout: According to a study when a person punches something, the muscles of the whole upper body are activated. And upon repeated punching, the upper body muscles can have a great muscles workout. And that’s why uppercut punching bag is perfect for this situation as it is specifically designed for punches.
  • Soft on hands: Typically almost all of the punching bags are filled with sand or sawdust. Which can be really rough on your hands and can possibly give you a sprain in the wrist. So to avoid that problem, Cleto Reyes went to extreme lengths and filled the bag with shredded rags. Which is soft and heavy at the same time.
  • Durable: The Uppercut bag is specifically and carefully engineered to withstand mightiest blows with its high-grade pure leather. Unlike similar products, this bag is tried and tested. And on the basis of those tests, it is perfectly safe to say that, if you are looking for a long-lasting and loyal training buddy, then the uppercut bag by Cleto Reyes is a perfect choice.

Why should you buy it?

The Bag is perfect for the punches which cannot be practice on an ordinary punching bag. And that makes it a necessity for you. Besides that, the bag is super easy to hang and unhang with its nylon straps. These light and soft straps set you free from the trouble of handling chains. Another reason to buy this amazing training buddy is because of its filling that is rag shreds. Which makes it soft and easy to hit with power.

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There are not many left so do your best to get one. This is so amazingly good for uppercut training. It was one of my least practiced moves until  got this bag. Its a completely different muscle set. Strengthen every part as much as you can and you will be successful.

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